Rebranding Dubai property 'could help with sale'

18/04/2009 - Dubai Property News
Rebranding Dubai property 'could help with sale'

As consumers pay an increasing amount of attention to the property in Dubai they are considering buying, rebranding a home could help to increase the chances of a sale, it has been claimed.

Not only will a rebrand help raise the likelihood of a sale, it could help to increase the value of a property in Dubai, a press report indicates.

"A new kitchen or wooden floors can transform the property and increase the level of interest," Mark Carroll from Egeen Properties told Emirates Business 24/7.

The news provider notes that property agents in Dubai are predicting a boom in internal renovations and rebrands in the coming years.

Rebranding can help attract a luxury market, the news provider adds.

Last month, the news service suggested that consumers in the process of making alterations to the layout of their home should consider taking a sustainable approach to their furnishings, to add a 'green' touch to living accommodation.

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