'Sustainability is key' for property in Dubai

02/01/2009 - Dubai Property News
'Sustainability is key' for property in Dubai

Sustainability is a key consideration for investors looking for property for sale in Dubai, the Khaleej Times has reported.

According to a study conducted by a major property developer, green issues are now topping other considerations such as location and prestige, which are now less important to many buyers.

Results from the study showed that the top five priorities for those looking for property in Dubai are: environmental friendliness, reputation, reliability, affordability and innovation.

Commenting on the findings, Matt Joyce, Nakheel spokesperson, said: "In the past, quality has been one of the most important factors for potential customers. This is the first time we've seen environmental concerns come through this strongly."

Last year, Shelter Offshore reported that moves to improve the sustainable credentials of property in Dubai will serve to encourage other markets to follow suit.

It noted that being at the forefront of property design, Dubai helps to shape market trends elsewhere in the region and across the globe.

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