Sports training focus from TESA

12/12/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
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Sports training focus from TESA
Posted by Neil King

New professional sports training could be of interest to athletic people with a property in the UAE.

The Transguard Elite Sports Academy (TESA) in Dubai is set to hold an open day this Saturday (December 12th).

A host of sporting faces who play football and rugby at an international level are expected to attend the event.

Some of the names include Kirk Hilton who plays for Manchester United and Royal Antwerp and Stephanie Carte who plays for Leeds United.

Coaches from the 12-week training camp on offer from the organisation will be on hand on the day. Courses are open to girls and boys aged eight to 16-years-old.

Transguard Toa claims to be the only dedicated Emirati rugby development programme in the country.

Mamea-Wilson, a pioneering figure in local rugby, said: "It's hard not to smile when you see things like that especially being played in front of a decent crowd and the boys thoroughly deserved it."

He commented on the recent Dubai Rugby Sevens games. The ladies were said to be the best performers out of the clubs locally, playing alongside some of the world's best international clubs to be eventually knocked out. The boys celebrated coming back with two wins.

The Sevens' venue has 5,000 permanent grandstand seats, with temporary stands put up for this year's tournament meaning it can accommodate 50,000 people in total.
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