RTA CEO calls for green transport fuel

12/02/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
RTA CEO calls for green transport fuel

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is leading the call for buses in the UAE to run on new green fuels.

Essa Abdul Rahman Al-Dossari, chief executive officer of the Public Tranport Agency at the RTA, has urged local fuel producers in the UAE to increase production of the new environmentally friendly fuel in a bid to reduce emissions and minimise air pollution.

He detailed the organisation's commitment to green innovation, adding that public buses in the UAE use diesel which emits ten times less sulphur than fuel used in other trucks and large vehicles.

And in news that may interest those who own property in Dubai who are looking for a green way to get around, Mr Dossari added: "The new fleet of buses is fitted with Euro IV engines which are designed to be friendly to the environment and will not operate efficiently unless run by a top quality and eco-friendly fuel."

The RTA has also recently launched a new luxury coach service between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, news which may be of interest to those in search of property for sale in the UAE.

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