New technology reduces Metro costs

21/01/2009 - Dubai Investment News
New technology reduces Metro costs

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that new technology obtained by the group will help the driverless Dubai Metro to cut down on operating costs and carbon emissions.

One such device is the automatic train control system, which runs along the tracks adjacent to Metro carriages and automatically activates airbrakes to slow or stop the vehicle as and when is needed.

Meanwhile, fully automated washing systems will also help to reduce costs of aesthetic maintenance, the RTA claims.

"The costs incurred through the deployment of resources for operations and maintenance will be limited. For instance, no drivers will be required as it's a driverless system," added Adnan Al Hammadi, director of construction for rail projects, speaking to Emirates Business.

In other recent announcements, the RTA recorded passenger commutes totalling 94 million over the course of 2008.

Such developments may be of interest to those who are planning on investing in Dubai property for sale in the coming months.

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