'Millions afloat' in Abu Dhabi

02/12/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
'Millions afloat' in Abu Dhabi

Posted by Bob Brunskill

Those who can see water from their property in the UAE could catch a glimpse of the second edition of the Emirates Boat show.

From December 8th through to the 12th, Abu Dhabi's National Exhibiton Centre will play host to the event, which is expected to exhibit 150 brands and means that AED 200 million of boats will be afloat at the location.

Wael Juju, chief executive officer at Knotika Holding which organises the boat shows, said: "We are pleased to announce this mega exhibition which is expected to attract more than 15,000 visitors and marine enthusiasts from all over the world."

He added that the shows have always served to create a luxury setting and a unique environment for companies.

Mr Juju stated that Abu Dhabi has been chosen to host the event as it is considered to have one of "the most sophisticated water front projects" and is the richest island in the world.

It is thought that the water projects will increase in value by an estimated 20 per cent when fully populated as more residents will be attracted.

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