Microsoft's energy bosses ship to Dubai

12/02/2009 - Dubai Investment News
Microsoft's energy bosses ship to Dubai

Microsoft has announced that it has established new headquarters in Dubai to house its oil and gas executives.

In a move recognising Dubai's unrivalled position as a strategic commercial hub, Microsoft's Albrecht Ferling, managing director of worldwide oil and gas industries, said that the new base will help to support growing demand in China, India and the Middle East.

"With the power ultimately shifting from consumer to producer in the global energy equation, the Middle East is an important location for Microsoft and our partners," he said in a prepared statement.

He added that the company has partnerships with oil and gas companies working in more than 70 countries, including major players like Marathon and Schlumberger, both of which are undergoing major digitisation projects.

Microsoft has also recently helped BP Alaska reduce risk and increase efficiency with its Integrated Scheduling solutions, which are being used in inimical conditions in the US state.

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