'It's all boxed up' for Abu Dhabi locals

05/12/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
'It's all boxed up' for Abu Dhabi locals

Posted Neil King

Those with a property in the UAE may find they need the use of a storage facility, and one such company in the region claims business is booming.

Storage company the Box, in Abu Dhabi, claims that more people are realising the worth of professional storage.

The Box's manager stated that despite this type of industry being new to the emirate it is proving successful.

Also known as the Abu Dhabi Storage Company, the firm states that storage is not simply a process of locking items away.

The Al Quoz-based firm believes that storage needs can mean a firm, such as itself, taking care of items there is no longer any room for in the home.

Other services on offer from the company include packaging, documentary or inventory management and removals.

Abu Dhabi is world renowned for its oil reserves, towering minarets, hospitality and world-class infrastructure.

Its population inclusive of Al Ain, the Western region and the Islands as of the end of 2006 was around 1.46 million, with it estimated that the figure will reach 1.75 million by next year.

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