Freehold owners to receive visas

19/02/2009 - Dubai Property News
Freehold owners to receive visas

New legislation granting freehold owners in the UAE residency visas will be pushed through within the year, a senior official has claimed.

Speaking to the National, Brig Gen Nasser al Minhali, the acting director general of the federal Department of Naturalisation and Residency (DNR), said that the move will be widely welcomed by companies offering property for sale in Dubai.

He explained that the new legislative framework will help to create a unified visa processing system among all UAE states.

"It is a security organisational procedure. We do not want each emirate to develop procedures on its own, so we will unify it under the Ministry of Interior," he told the paper.

A number of firms offering Dubai property for sale have already expressed their support for the new legislation.

The DNR has also this week announced the launch of the M-Visa system, which will issue residents and visitors with electronic notification of their permit stipulations via mobile phone and other portable devices.

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