Event tells students "think out of the box"

13/12/2009 - Dubai Investment News
Event tells students "think out of the box"

Posted by Neil King

A successful Dubai firm is said to have shared its wisdom with students, which may be of interest to those with a property in the UAE.

Gulf Craft decided to divulge the secrets to its success in the Pocket MBA programme.

The event took place earlier this week in the form of a business seminar, to urge the students to "think out of the box" with regard to global challenges and opportunities.

Hult International Business School was responsible for hosting the occasion, which took place on December 8th and 9th.

Gulf Craft - established in the emirates in 1982 – is responsible for the manufacture of yachts and boats and is based in Ajman.

Erwin Bamps, of the company, said: "As an industry thought leader, Gulf Craft has long been regarded as a model for business success in the manufacturing and luxury segments."

Mr Bamps added that tough conditions experienced in the Yacht industry over the past year sorts out those manufacturers who have good foundations and are resilient - from those who are not sound.

His address was entitled Business at War.

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