Dubai Central Laboratory expands operations

30/12/2009 - Dubai Investment News
Dubai Central Laboratory expands operations

Posted by Neil King

Dubai Central Laboratory has expanded its operations to offer a textile products testing service.

The laboratory director, Hawa Abdullah Bastaki, said that the new department was the first of its kind in the Arabaian Gulf and was born out of the municipality's desire to ensure the safety and quality of consumer goods.

"The laboratory is qualified to conduct several tests in this area such as measuring the impact of acid or base…determining the proportion of heavy metals and flammability. The laboratory has completed more than a thousand tests of approximately 250 samples," added Ms Bastaki.

She said that the beneficiaries of the textile products testing service - in addition to ordinary consumers - would include dealers, suppliers, exporters and organisations concerned with the quality and safety of the textiles used for uniforms such as the police and armed forces.

The laboratory expansion demonstrates the government's commitment to the regulated growth of Dubai's economy. Last week, Emcredit, the UAE's first government-backed credit bureau, signed an agreement with the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to provide credit information services that will support financing activities in the region.

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