'Pioneering projects' from EAD

12/11/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
'Pioneering projects' from EAD

Posted by Ashley Waterman

Anyone with a property in the UAE may already know about the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi's (EAD) new renewable energy initiatives.

Both of the schemes set out to ensure the future of the emirate's water supply and so far have achieved some successful results, according to the EAD.

His Excellency Majid Al Mansouri, the organisation's secretary general, said: "His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan … wisely directed us to find environmentally-friendly, low-cost and highly efficient alternatives to produce water of adequate quality for domestic and industrial use."

The aim of the EAD pilot programmes is to produce desalinated water from brackish and saline groundwater using power from the sun.

It will carry on with the initiatives, seeking to lessen costs and produce a greater number of stations while at the same time improving efficiency.

The EAD was founded in 1996 and claims to be committed to creating a clean environment, managing and protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainability.

It exists to give the government direction, as well as to the community and businesses in relation to environmental concerns affecting the way people live in Abu Dhabi.

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