Eco TVs 'hit Dubai living rooms'

25/11/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
Eco TVs 'hit Dubai living rooms'

Posted by Bob Brunskill

One well-known electrical firm could be making an impact in the living rooms of those with property in the UAE.

Panasonic has not only come up with new TV sets that last longer, but it claims they are more environmentally-friendly too.

Abby Thomas, senior manager of the consumer electronics department at Panasonic Marketing Middle East, said: "Panasonic's approach involves developing Plasma products that not only use less power but have a longer lifespan, clever power-saving functions and contain no lead or mercury, to reduce their overall impact on the environment."

Its Eco PDP Viera Plasma Series also bears an eco-focused design to try and ensure it has less of an environmental impact.

The company claims that its Neo PDP units use 50 per cent less power than previous models, having a screen which is only one inch thick.

Alongside this, Panasonic claims the TVs are 50 per cent brighter than normal as the new plasma screens have larger cells meaning more light can be emitted but still using less energy.

Panasonic claims to currently have in the region of 290,000 employees.

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