'Calling all photo enthusiasts'

12/11/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
'Calling all photo enthusiasts'
Posted by Bob Brunskill

A new photography project that could interest budding camera enthusiasts with property in the UAE is set to arrive soon in the region.

Entitled My Father's House: the architecture of cultural heritage, it is part of a 12-month tour that opened in Muscat.

The project launches alongside a number of associated activities including workshops and talks - with the intention of making members of the public reconsider their current environment and see their surroundings with a fresh outlook.

It has come about as a result of a partnership between Sharjah Museums Department and the British Council.

Manal Ataya, director general of Sharjah Museums Department, said the organisation: "Strives to strengthen public awareness and participation about the unique heritage of the emirate, in which architecture plays a key role."

Ms Ataya added that the anticipated outcome would be that all who attend would have a "positive learning experience".

The British Council serves to further relations with people from diverse backgrounds.

It has come up with an Integrated Equality Scheme in order to work towards abolishing discrimination relating to disability, gender and race.
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