Buying in Dubai? Entrepreneurs inspire with brainstorming week

29/11/2009 - Dubai Investment News
Buying in Dubai? Entrepreneurs inspire with brainstorming week

Posted by Neil King

Overseas property investors considering buying in Dubai may find some innovative properties are on the market in the future, thanks to a new generation of developers.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development has recently hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the first time the event has come to Dubai.

The week saw young people from across the region coming together to take part in a variety of brainstorming events designed to give students the chance to explore their creative ideas and inspire them through talks and debates.

It is hoped the initiative will help create some of the top entrepreneurs of the future, which could include some radical new designers, architects and construction experts for the region's property industry, making buying in Dubai even more exciting over the years to come.

"The Global Entrepreneurship Week highlights our commitment to incubating young talent and supporting their creative ideas, and thus help establish leading projects in the future," said His Excellency Abdul Baset Al Janahi, chief executive of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development.

Earlier this month, a major conference was held in Dubai to consider the future of the region's construction industry.

The two-day event confirmed that property in the UAE remains an important part of the region's economy and the construction industry is committed to the region's growth.

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