Nissan event 'proves a hit' in Dubai

15/10/2009 - Dubai Investment News
Nissan event 'proves a hit' in Dubai

Posted by Neil King

Owners of commercial property in Dubai could find the latest visitor figures for a recent exhibition of interest.

The Nissan Technology Square interactive educational event attracted some 7,000 attendees over the four days it ran this month.

It was the first time the exhibition had visited the Middle East, but Nissan now intends the event to make a return to the region.

Takahiko Uchimura, a senior manager at the Nissan Motor Company in Japan, highlighted the reason for the exhibit. He said: "We wanted our customers and the public to understand Nissan technology and, of course, we also wanted them to like our cars.

"We believe the technology itself is a very important part of the communication process."

He added that the company was particularly interested in engaging with young people about the Nissan brand.

A demonstrative display showed the exhibition attendees how a new paint technology means that a car damaged with a wire brush can simply have scratches washed away with water.

The company's vision for the future is to build trust with its partners, shareholders, dealers, employees and customers.

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