New mobile search facility launches UAE

19/10/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
New mobile search facility launches UAE

Posted by Neil King

New mobile phone technology launched in the region may cause more interest in buying property in the UAE.

The Mobile Search Directory, MoSearch, means users can send a text to find out information about a company in the Emirates.

MoSecure is responsible for the product. Rohan F Britto, founder of the company, said: "Our unique selling point will be ease of use and virtually every mobile phone handset in UAE is a virtual directory, which means a brand or product is available to its customers 365 days a year in the palm of their hands."

Mr Britto added that wireless media is now paramount for marketing schemes and that the opportunities as a result of MoSearch are "mind-boggling".

The service is available 24-hours-a-day. It works as a basic search directory and also can find out specific service type enquiry information, by keying in the product or brand information and detailing the location.

MoSearch was introduced into the UAE after MoSecure conducted research in the region, which revealed 73 per cent of those surveyed would use it.

It also provides mobile ticketing, couponing, access control and mobile loyalty services.

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