Green fashion contest launches in Dubai

03/10/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
Green fashion contest launches in Dubai
Written by Bob Brunskill

A green fashion contest could be of interest to those buying property in Dubai.

The competition, which is open to the Esmod International Network, will be entered by French Fashion University Esmod (FFUE) whose students will be working on their entries when the new term commences.

Tamara Hostal, founder and director of FFUE in Dubai, said: "We believe that this green fashion contest will raise awareness about the need to cut the fashion industry's environmental and carbon footprint and highlight the importance of using more sustainable fibres and fabrics."

The entry requirements are that students make a dress from a fabric called Han-ji which has been found to have qualities that could protect the skin from ailments, as it acts as an antibiotic and anti-bacterial agent.

Students taking part can take as long as a month to make their garment using Han-ji. The fabric comes from a Korean tree called Dak and is renowned for its durability and quality.

Ms Hostal commented further that fashion that is sustainable is better for the earth and everyone.

FFUED was established in 1841 and has founded fashion and design schools worldwide.
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