Dubai GEMS school trip success

12/10/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
Dubai GEMS school trip success

Posted by Bob Brunskill

A new high school scheme could be welcome news for those with property in the UAE.

The Dubai Modern High School recently sent a group of high achieving students to London for the Global Young Leaders Debating and Critical Thinking course.

Darryl Bloud, principal of Dubai Modern High School, said: "The event empowers them and makes them confident leaders in future.

"The initiative is in line with GEMS and the school's commitment to develop its students into global leaders with a universal outlook."

Training lasted for two weeks and also gave the participants a chance to broaden their perspective as a result of face-to-face encounters with students from all over the world.

Mr Bloud added that the experience, aimed at improving analytical ability and critical thinking, was both "inspiring and transformational" for the students who attended.

GEMS was founded by Mr Sunny Varkey, with the network now having over 48 years academic experience. The organisation claims to be one of the world's biggest K-12 educational providers, employing the greatest number of Indian and British teachers outside of India and the UK.

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