Art exhibition 'sheds new light' on Dubai

01/10/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
Art exhibition 'sheds new light' on Dubai

Written by Bob Brunskill

Buying in Dubai often means getting used to a different lifestyle and enjoying all the emirate has to offer.

Earlier this week, a new art exhibition opened in the region, in participation with the Baltic Art Support Association.

The event is entitled Group of Five and began its 14-day run at the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (DCTAC) on September 30th.

DCTAC said it gives an insight into the Republic of Latvia's "fascinating" art scene, with themes including illusion, stereotypes and urbanisation across 50 pieces by five artists.

"The experience of modern art is so exciting because often times it does not specify the rules of the game and does not clearly define the border of the playing field," they remarked.

Those with property in Dubai or who visit the region regularly may have already visited DCTAC, which is said to be the first non-profit, cross-community, modern theatre in the Gulf.

It is located on the second floor of the Mall of Emirates.


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