The First Group is uniquely positioned in the Dubai market to offer a hotel investment opportunity that allows our owners to profit from the booming hotel industry. We build landmark hotels in high demand areas and sell rooms and suites to private individuals. We then partner with leading hoteliers to optimise rental rates and occupancy levels which in turn provide our hotel investors with great returns.

Why invest in a hotel room?

    • Enjoy ownership. As an owner, you may sell your hotel unit for capital gains or transfer ownership to a family member.

    • Effortless management. Your purchased hotel unit is fully furnished, managed and serviced. You simply collect your share of the revenue.

    • Attractive investment returns. The First Group hotels are managed by world-class hotel operators with established brands, ensuring occupancy and room rates are optimised.

    • Currency pegged to US dollar. The UAE dirham is pegged to the US dollar meaning investments will not be impacted by adverse currency fluctuations.




In 2016, Dubai’s hotels attracted 14.9 million tourists, a number that is expected to increase for 2017 and on track to achieve the 20 million visitors outlined in the cities Tourism Vision 2020. This suggests tremendous growth for the hotel sector.




Airport arrivals exceed 83.6 million in air traffic in 2016, an increase of 7.2% compared to 2015, supporting the demand for hotel accommodations*. Dubai International Airport is now the busiest airport in the world for international visitors. The positive upward trend in tourist arrivals has continued into 2016 and is reflected in the improved hotel performances around the city.

    • 5.0% tourist arrivals, 2016 over 2015
    • 6.0% guest nights, 2016 over 2015
    • 7.2% air traffic, 2016 over 2015
    • 3.0% economic growth, 2016 over 2015

Why invest in hotel property with the first group?


Our relationship with you does not end at the handover of a set of keys. Indeed, investing in stunning hotel property with The First Group marks the start of an exciting journey, where the rewards equate to more than just lucrative returns. We pride ourselves in offering our owners something truly special, which goes above and beyond the promise of amazing developments and enticing profits.

  • Dedicated asset management team
  • Unique Wealthbuilder programme
  • Owner privileges and benefits
  • High profile operators and partners


First and foremost you benefit from the opportunity to enjoy a completely effortless hotel investment. Through our dedicated Asset Management team and our unique Wealthbuilder programme, you never need to worry about gaining returns on your property. We take care of every single aspect of your property investment, from legal paperwork, management and maintenance to marketing and leasing. Moreover, we have partnered with some of the most renowned names in the hospitality industry, such as Wyndham Hotel Group, to ensure your hotel investment enjoys the best possible leverage.

With your property ownership you also gain access to some of the most exclusive privileges on the market. Our clients are our top priority and to show just how much we value our property investors, we have created a host of benefits that are aimed at making your life easier and, above all, highly rewarding.

Hotel Investment Benefit - Titanium Rewards

The benefits for property investors do not stop there. We have also devised one of the most distinctive rewards and recognition programmes on the market called Owner Privileges. Investing with us gives you automatic membership into this exclusive entitlement programme. Owner Privileges members can earn lucrative cash rewards by introducing referrals who make an investment with The First Group as well as have access to an exclusive travel concierge service to make future Dubai visits more memorable.

To learn more about The First Group hotel investment options, we invite you to contact our investor hotline at +971 (0)4 246 4825 or download our Hotel Investor Report available at the link below.


* Sources: TRI Hospitality Consulting and Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). Dubai Airports. Emirates NBD Research, Visit Orlando, Smith Travel Research, HotStats Hospitality Intelligence