In July 2012, we launched The First Group Academic Scholarship through the Hanne Howard Fund. This scholarship has given four HHF kids the opportunity to attend ‘top tier’ Universities and Colleges in Nairobi. It gave us great pleasure to extend this scholarship for another year in September 2012, and we are delighted with the strong impact it has had on the lives of these young people.

"We would like to sincerely thank Danny Lubert and Gary Shepherd [co-founders and joint chairmen of The First Group] who were instrumental in making the decision to renew The First Group’s support for a second year. Ngina, Mercy, Michael and Alice, in particular, as honored recipients of this invaluable scholarship carry the banner with extreme pride and seriousness. Your generous and valued investment in the future of these 4 kids continues to yield the highest return possible."
Hanne Howard, HHF founder

For the entire team at The First Group, what makes it even more special is hearing how our sponsorship is directly touching the lives of these young people. Below are some excerpts from the children who are directly benefitting from The First Group Academic Scholarship Fund.

"I am now in what I call the ‘bright phase ‘of my life. I am in my first year at Strathmore University, one of the most prestigious, most expensive universities in Kenya, a center of excellence! I am pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce and Management Science thanks to The First Group Academic Scholarship Fund. One month into my degree course, I got my first contractual paying job with the Faculty of Management and Commerce in the university as a faculty student assistant. A better future and success is my goal."
Mercy Achieng: Attending 1st year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Strathmore University

"I never dreamed a kid like me could attend such a fine school and was stunned when they accepted me. The campus is amazing with a fabulous computer lab and even a huge swimming pool! I want to dedicate my success to The First Group and also, to my foster parents, the late Dr. John Atkinson and his wife, Anne."
Mike Bundi: Attending his 1st year at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies

"I am truly enjoying my new college life. I miss home (hostel at HHFL), but I am loving campus life. This is a total privilege as kids from my background rarely go this far. I love The First Group for making this possible for me!”
Alice Adhiambo: Attending her 1st year at the Amboseli Institute of Hospitality